In the realm of 24/7 casinos, uninterrupted service is paramount. That’s why we offer continuous technical support and reliable top-tier hosting, ensuring a seamlessly functioning platform at all times.

Simple management of e-gaming websites, real-time transactions data, users balancing, data mining, analysis of user’s behaviour, and subcontracting reports.

Easy to use with great search features, Reporting and extracting of data Built-in In Chat, Email and Messenger Full oversight of Deposits, withdrawal and KYC Extensive Customer Information Tools. Easy drill down to see where and how we contacted the Player (Email/SMS) Time and Date.

User Views

•  Extensive Customer Information Tools

•  Easy drill to see where and how we contacted the Player (Email/SMS) Time and Date

•  There are three quick filters that you can use to search for Players. Registration Date, Deposit Date and by Bonus date

Table Of Contents

Offer your services to players worldwide.

1k+ crypto currencies, all card types.

Fully customizable loyalty system. Get new players with attractive promotions and loyalty levels.

Grow your business with ComonTec affiliate system, traffic management, casino promotion, online marketing and Income access.

Provide service to your players 24/7, including Live Chat.

The platform offers a single customer view, where all details on your players can be viewed on a single page.

Get access to reports, analytics, game stats and business reports.

Use the back office from any device you prefer.

Keep up with the latest technological innovations.

Customize your casino the way you want.

Get use of CRM and automated mailing system to inform your players about the recent news, changes and promotions.